Each of our departments has a defined mission statement that complements our school’s mission. To view a complete course list for each department, click “View Courses.”

The mission of the Bible Department is to assist each student who passes through Foothills Christian High School, to grow in their understanding in the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. View courses »

The mission of the English department is to develop students’ abilities in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. View courses »

The mission of the Fine Arts Department is to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that inspires, equips, and empowers students to discover, develop, and demonstrate their God-given talents while establishing a life-long appreciation for the arts. View courses »

The mission of the Language Department is to assist students in learning a second language. View courses »

The mission of the Mathematics department is to assist students in developing a mathematical foundation for success in all areas of life. View courses »

The mission of the Physical Education department is to help each student reach their physical and spiritual potential at Foothills Christian High School, through the various aspects that physical education has to offer. View courses »

The mission for the science department is to instill in students an understanding of God as the author and designer of all things and develop an in-depth knowledge of the universe through scientific study.  View courses »

The mission of the Social Sciences department is to provide the student a God-centered view of Geography, History, Government, and Economics. View courses »

The mission of the Electives department is to enhance student learning and the student experience at Foothills Christian High School. View courses »