• A school application must be completed in its entirety.
• Application and registration fees still must be paid
• A student interview must be completed with parent.
• Student must be accepted before Financial Aid may be requested.
• Financial Aid forms may be requested upon acceptance of the prospective student.
• All Financial Aid forms must be filled out in their entirety before they can be reviewed and processed.
• Financial Aid forms will be submitted to the Admin Office to be reviewed by the principal and/or the superintendent and/or the School Advisory Board or a designated Financial Aid Committee.

• All financial aid is need based only.
• All Financial Aid forms and information remain strictly confidential
• Priority is given to families who tithe.
• Incomplete forms will not be processed.
• Families who receive financial aid must re-apply each year and applications are re-evaluated based on the family’s continued need.
• The amount of financial aid granted varies according to the financial resources of each family and the aid that is available to the school.
• Students receiving financial aid must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA with no “U”s (Unsatisfactory) in conduct in order to keep one’s tuition assistance. In general, the overall performance of the student both in terms of academics and character will be taken into consideration as financial aid is considered for the following year. Generally, students who are on character probation or have a character probation contract are not eligible for to receive financial aid.
• The amount of financial aid available varies based upon the overall financial condition of the school.
• Financial aid applies to tuition only. Student families are responsible for all school related fees.
• Students/families may be asked to work for the school when granted significant amounts of financial aid.
• No students are ever granted financial aid for all their tuition. A minimum amount is always required.