Student & Parent Testimonials

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

“FCHS is amazing because I can express my faith freely. All the teachers care about the students and want them to do well. Retreat is one of my favorite things that FCHS does. It is an opportunity to grow closer to God and grow closer to everyone at school. FCHS is a safe place to go to. I have met friends here that encourage me in my walk with the Lord.”   Emily (Student)

“As a parent of 4 kids, with two in the high school and two more starting in two more years, my thoughts about Foothills Christian School are simple. I find the “cost” of their Christian education here much cheaper than the potential “cost” I would have to pay if they went to free public school. My children are happy, educated and plan to send their kids (when the time comes) to private school as well.”   Parent

“I like the 3 day schedule because I am a more independent worker so the independent days’ work well for me. The teachers are willing to work with us when we are gone and miss days or don’t understand a concept. I love being on ASB, it is a great experience and I have made many more friends.” Danielle (Student)

“It’s like a family here; almost everybody knows everybody and we all take care of each other. There are always friends here. It’s a challenge.”   Alex (Student)

“Foothills Christian High School has been perfect for our son. He has made close friends who are all good influences and who love the Lord. The academics are challenging and chapel is one of his favorite times at school. He love’s Foothills and so do we.”   Parent

“FCHS is a safe place to express my faith. FCHS is a place where I love to come to. Retreat is the best part; I always look forward to it every year. The teachers here care about you. The school provides a Christian environment that is unlike any other place. “   (Anonymous)

“The best part about FCHS is how involved the teachers want to be to you. They not only teach you their subject but also about life. They want each student to know they can come to them for anything, whether school related or not. I know I have built many strong and genuine relationships with staff members here. Each one of them is so encouraging and supportive to their students; they are excited when they succeed and also are so open when a student needs help! The staff at a school can make or break your day, and I know that the staff here always has something to say that turns my day around!”   Sarah (Student)

“Foothills CHS has provided a safe and respectful place for my daughter to learn. She loves school and looks forward to coming on school days. (Of course, she likes the work at home part too!) This school has been a perfect fit for her. The small environment creates less anxiety. I love seeing her be able to worship God AT SCHOOL! She loves this as well. The staff, teachers and students have all been so respectful and warm. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity for my daughter to attend FCHS.”   Parent

“I like that FCHS is 3 days a week, prepares you for college well, allows us to grow in our relationship with God. I love that we can pray in class, the teachers are very understanding and available, and it’s easy to make friends.”   Baylee (Student)

“FCHS is an awesome school. My son is happy and enjoys friendly classmates. Teachers are so helpful, professional and funny too. I am so thankful and grateful that I enrolled my son at Foothills where there is faith and trust in God.”   Parent

“I love being able to get profound Biblical insight on any questions I have. I love that people are always willing to make sure you’re doing OK. I love the passion that each teacher has for their subject.”   Tavonte (Student)

“What I like about FCHS: the students are friendly, Christ influenced environment, Homework system on Gradelink, Chapel on Tuesdays, the lunch options, and the teaching staff is very friendly, and the campus is easy to get around, smaller number of students, great learning environment.”   Konner (Student)

“I like Foothills for many reasons. The main one is going to school only 3 days a week. I think this makes me more independent and ready for the college schedule. Also the teachers are very supportive and look out for the best for you. I love going to a school where you can freely talk and worship God with people that want to do the same.”   Scarlett (Student)

“What a wonderful opportunity for our children to have an education with a Christian view. FCHS has demonstrated it upholds the education expectations we have as parents and conduct expectations we have as Christians. Because there is a code of conduct, the children learn self-discipline, respect for others, and experience blessings and consequences for the choices they make in these important years. Partnering with FCHS to help educate my children with a Christian worldview is choice and sacrifice I encourage every parent to consider.”   Parent

“What I like about Foothills: we have great sports programs. All my close friends go here. It is a very loving community. Every teacher cares a lot about you (almost all). They care about your spiritual growth. The hot lunches are very yummy. Teachers make learning fun (sometimes). 3 days a week prepares you for a college schedule. You learn time management. I like Mondays and Fridays because I can stay in my pajamas all day and do homework. The staff about your success.”   Meagan (Student)

“The best thing I like about FCHS is that the teachers are all so passionate about making sure that us students know the greatness of who God is even though every teacher in this school has their own teaching style and whether they are funny or strict, they all carry the same passion: to teach us the greatness of God.”   Matthew (Student)

“I like Foothills because of the small classes and personal atmosphere. The 3 day week teaches us responsibility and helps prepare us for college. The teachers are super friendly and want their students to do their best. Chapel encourages us to press in to God and not be afraid of sharing our faith.”   Dani (Student)

“What I like about FCHS is that I can freely pray and worship God without getting judged at all. Also I enjoy how the school prepares me for individual work in college. Plus what I like most is that I don’t know any other school where football players want to pray for one another and build each other up.”   Gabriel (Student)

“I like that FCHS is 3 days a week; it prepares me for individual work in college, allows you to have a relationship with God at school, has an all-around nicer staff and students compared to public school, close knitted school, chapel is awesome, good lunches, ASB works hard to make school run.”   Madison (Student)

“As a parent it is extremely comforting to know that my child is seen as a whole person and is truly cared about. Not only are my child’s academic needs met, but his emotional and spiritual needs as well. As a teacher myself, I know that students must form positive relationships with teachers that will, in turn, hold them accountable. It is a mother’s delight to know that when asked about how he likes high school, her son states, “I love FCHS! I can really tell that this is my teachers’ ministry. They really care about what I learn and about me. I know they are praying for me and I can always go to them and pray with them. I know they will do whatever it takes to help me.” We love that student body respects one another. Not everyone may be friends, but everyone is respectful of one another. Thanks so much!”   Parent

“I love being able to talk about God in class. I love how all the teachers love and care about you. I love how all the students are kind and there is no bullying and no judgment. When my family was going through a rough time the whole school came together to help and support me and my family. Even people I didn’t know were caring about me!”   Victoria (Student)

“All of my friends are here at FCHS and I always feel so loved by everyone. Sports are a great way to make friends. I have been on the cross country team since my freshman year, and I have become so close with all of them. They’re my best friends! Most of the teachers care about you succeeding.”   Maddie (Student)

“This was our first year at FCHS and we absolutely love it! It is just what my daughter needed, she is so happy here! The teachers have been great, making themselves available to both my daughter and myself. Everyone genuinely cares about the well-being of our kids in their educational and spiritual lives. We feel so blessed to have found FCHS!”   Parent

“FCHS is a great school because it is a learning environment where we can praise God. FCHS is also great because we are able to study more independently, because we work from home on Monday and Friday. FCHS is also great because you can also have good Christian friends and teachers.”   Trevor (Student)

“I like FCHS because this school has a good spirit and is very friendly to transfer and new students. I also love how the teachers really care about you personally and want to get to know you. Here I feel like a part of a family not a number in a class.”   Abbie (Student)

“I love this school. It is a safe and caring learning environment. The teachers are great, the curriculum is challenging for various levels of students, the athletic program is good, the staff is friendly and professional and I love that they know who I am and who my student is when I come on campus. I am really glad that we choose Foothills Christian High School.”   Parent