Support FCHS

There are many ways to support Foothills Christian High School Financially and Spiritually

  • Fundraisers: We have fundraisers periodically throughout the year to help us offset costs for maintenance, technology and other capital purchases that further the education opportunities we provide. Fund raisers are an excellent way to raise monies needed to improve our school without having to raise other costs to compensate for those needs. Foothills Christian High School is dedicated to finding fundraisers that are easy for everyone to participate in.
  • Giving: Every dollar that comes into the school is put directly towards providing the best Christian education we can provide to our youth in a most cost-effective way. Please show your support of providing a Christian learning environment by partnering with us financially. Direct financial gifts to the school usually go to assist students with financial aid, especially where families have fallen upon hard times and experience unanticipated hardship.
  • Spiritually: Join the Parents In Touch Prayer Team as they pray for FCHS School, Staff, Students and Families. They meet at the school every Tuesday morning and you can also follow them on Facebook.