The eScrip program is a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards (Vons Card, for example), credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to FCHS.

Register at:

School Code: 137889798

Here are the steps you need to complete to sign up for the eScrip Program (please re-register every September!):

1. Go to the eScrip Supporter Registration page

2. Select the ‘Group ID’ option and type 137889798 in the Search box and click the Search button.

3. Click on the displayed school name: Foothills Christian High School. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

4. You will then enter your registration information. Complete all of the information and click the Next button.

5. Register your VONS card in the Grocery/Community Cards section. Click on the Next button.

6. Register your immediate family’s Credit and Debit cards. This is a critical step to be able to shop at the Online Mall as well as local restaurants and merchants that support eScrip. When you have these cards registered, your purchases are AUTOMATICALLY recorded to eScrip. After you enter your card numbers, click the Next button.

7. Next, you can register your Macy’s credit or gift card. After you enter you card number, click the Next button.

That’s it! You have now signed up for eScrip!

Once you are registered, here’s what you need to do to start earning contributions:

1. Shop at Vons using your grocery card.

2. Shop online at the eScrip Online Mall which is linked from this site and from at more than 800 online stores

3. Buy your airline tickets and cruise tickets through eScrip merchants. You can see the list of merchants not only for Southern California but nationwide at eScrip’s Family of Merchants.

4. Shop at Macy’s using the credit or gift cards that you registered.

5. Check the Rewards Dining Network and go out to eat at a participating restaurant.

6. Each year starting in mid-August, eScrip has a special Back-to-School promotion which will contribute 10% of certain grocery items purchased. Look for these items to make your grocery shopping count for more!

7. Encourage your family and friends to join eScrip!


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Address: 2321 Dryden Road
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