Scrip FAQ’s

Can I pay with a credit card?

No, you can only pay with check, cash or PrestoPay (which is a pre-authorized payment from your checking account).

If I order on-line, is it shipped to my house?

No, all scrip is shipped directly to the school on Thursdays. It arrives early afternoon.

Where do I pick up my scrip?

Your scrip will be available at the school’s front desk.

Can my student pick up my scrip?

If we have written permission from you, your student will be allowed to pick up your scrip. They are responsible for remembering to pick it up. It will not be delivered to their classroom.

How often is the rebate distributed?
Your portion (30%) of the rebate is credited to your student’s June tuition. The rebate is
forfeited if the student leaves before the end of the school year.

What if I miss the Tuesday order deadline?

Because of shipping costs, scrip is only ordered once a week. A limited number of gift
cards are kept on-hand for purchase from the school office (grocery, Arco, Walmart).

Are all cards reloadable?

No, only certain cards can be reloaded. Check the ShopWithScrip website for a list of
reloadable cards.

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