FAQs for Students

Log onto Gradelink

Enter the school ID# 1277, User name and Password

Teachers’ email addresses are firstname, lastname (no spaces or caps) @foothillsschool.net (example: joyceboysel@foothillsschool.net). If you can’t remember the teacher’s name or the correct spelling, you can view the online directory and contact them through the email links provided.

Chapel is every Tuesday according to a special chapel day schedule. Students lead worship and special speakers talk about a range of topics including intimacy with God, service to others, and determination to reach God-honoring goals.

The Dress Code is available online here. Dress code is enforced anytime a student is on campus or at a school-sponsored event, including athletic events.

Our school environment is lighthearted and encouraging, but students and staff are focused on learning and making the best use of the three days a week we are on campus.

Our ASB class provides Spirit Days, plans for Homecoming activities, and organizes the Winter Formal and Junior-Senior Spring Formal.

Yes. From the perspective of a student entering high school from another middle school, “I immediately felt welcome and accepted. Foothills is a great atmosphere with caring students who helped me feel that I was an important part of their class.”

Graduation 2023