Bitty B., Parent

We are so pleased to have been able to send our two sons to Foothills Christian High School.  Having a graduating Senior this year and an incoming Senior next year, we have been through the full high school education process with this school. The best part is that the students are surrounded by loving Christians and every student learns about the Bible and God every year as part of the annual curriculum. The second best part is that the school instruction days are Tues-Thur, with independent study Monday and Friday (with the option of being able to attend Monday and/or Friday if needed). This has prepared my sons for College and the “real world” of having to be responsible, manage time, which helped them mature and form confidence and independence in their academics.  With Covid-19, my students did not miss a beat when we switched to full online learning because they already had this basis for learning mastered because of the way the program is already structured.
Having a smaller school setting is nice for getting to know school staff, getting more attention for your student, and forming friendships with other students (your kids friend group) and their families.
You always have access to grades and progress, as student information and teacher communication is done through “Gradelink”.
Academic choices are pretty decent for a small school, and the athletic program has the basic sports.  My kids play club sports so the sports program was not an issue.  They actually look forward to playing for the high school when their club is on break for CIF so it worked out to be a great blend.
This school choice has been the best investment that my husband and I have made in life, and we know our boys will be better for it.  If you’re on the fence about a private Christian high school versus a public high school, don’t hesitate and give Foothills Christian High School a try!