Catherine G., Parent

Our son has attended Foothills Christian High School for two years, and, God willing, will be attending as a Junior in September. Foothills has been an answer to our prayers. Our son has made great friends. He is making wonderful progress academically – the curriculum has been challenging and enlightening. (With the solid encouragement and support of the school staff and his teachers, he decided to take his first AP class this year. He worked hard and achieved his goal of an A grade!) He has also enjoyed the sports programs, participating in basketball, football, and baseball. His coaches are excellent role models, motivating our son to work hard and be his best as an athlete and as a man of God. The principal works tirelessly to lead our FCHS family with wisdom and grace. He has earned my son’s respect and trust – and that is about as good as it gets. I highly recommend FCHS to any and all families looking for a team to help their beloved teenagers learn and grow and become closer to God.